Monday, March 10, 2008

Fuddy Duddy!

I have been trying all day to get some photos to upload on blogspot. No luck! I hope they fix the problem by tomorrow.

I finished the yellow roving. It is so very pretty. It is a bright, clear yellow. It has shots of turquoise and hot pink in it. The coloring is random, and when plied it makes it more interesting. Hopefully I will have a pic tomorrow.

I have been zooming since I made the goals last week. I am still on block ten of the Lizard Ridge. I am already planning how I will sew it together and how I will block it. I have added a few more rows on my traveling sock. I have added a few more mitres on the blankie. And I have been spinning away. I am so thrilled to know that I am only down to one more have-to project on the spinning wheel. So I guess it is good that there is no t.v. Just audio-which is a change for me.

My friend SH called me Saturday night and she was squealing about the sock yarn she had just purchased at the LYS. I had told her that Joy and Colleen have gotten in a whole new batch of yarns, and that she must go down there. Thank goodness! She bought the yarn I had been looking at. Now I am not so tempted. It is funny how we have the same tastes in sock yarns. We don't even buy them at the same time; but when we show off our new purchases, they are the same. We have been friends since baby-hood, and since adult-hood I have wandered in and out of the picture. But now we live in close proximity-a 30 min drive- and we have become close again. Isn't life funny?

She has been teaching knitting at the high school in her hometown, and she regales me with the funny stories every time I talk to her. She says the students show her the most pitiful stuff-full of holes, added stitches, dropped stitches, you know- and she tells them to take everything off and start over. They are horrified and will not do that. But then they see her socks and want them. She keeps telling them that they have to keep practising until they are able to do knit and purl without any dropped or added stitches. Then she'll talk to them about doing something else. Anyway, we laugh about it.

I sure wish I could show you the yellow yarn. I was a little dismayed when it did not turn out the way I wanted it to be. I always tell people the spinning wheel and the wool just do their own thing. I cannot control it. It always comes out the way it wants to come out. I was hoping to get the nice even, teeny yarn that I got with the white, happy yarn. But I have a few slubs and a few bulges that weren't planned. And it is thicker. Oh, well! It is still pretty and it is finished! Washed, blocked and ready to go.

Going to the Knitting Group tonight. So must start getting myself together. I have an elderly friend who wants some canning jars, so I am taking a box of jars to her house on the way. Even in a small way like this, I feel so good when something is out of the house and gone. I am in a mood to get rid of stuff. Pre-Spring cleaning, I guess. It never lasts long-the feeling, that is-but then neither does the cleanliness. Living on a dirt road has a price to pay. Later.

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