Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Have Been Busy!

This was the wool I dyed last Fall after the dye workshop. It is really not turquoise blue-it is green turquoise. I don't know why it comes out this color. It is green-really!
This is it spun, plied, washed, blocked, and ready to go! It is really pretty in person-green turquoise!
I did two more Lizard Ridge blocks. I am setting a goal to finish this thing by May. I want to be done with any woolly winter knitting, and ready to move onto summer stuff. Stuff that is light weight and not hot. I told myself when I started this afghan that this was my winter-time project. Well, it is almost not winter-time. So I am working hard on it. I have cut the project into half, anyway, and decided to knit 12 blocks instead of 24. I want an afghan, not a blanket. I think it will be just fine. I did lay out the eight blocks I've completed, and it will have a scrappy look to it. All the blocks are different. Anyway, I have a plan!

I think I see a trend with the spinning stuff. Remember a week or so ago I showed you the skein of pretty Spring-y colors, and now the turquoise green. Well, I am also into spinning up some of my stash I have lying around. After this last skein, I started a bump of Merino roving I bought last March. It is buttercup yellow, light yellow, some turquoise blue, and some hot pink. See the trend? I think I want light colors, Spring-time colors, and this is my subconscious at work. It is really going to be pretty. I have tried to move a little bit out of my comfort zone with some of the spinning. I am only buying bumps of roving with colors I would never dye for myself. Yes, I did dye the turquoise, but it was a mistake color. It was really supposed to be the blue color that shows up in the photo above. But it turned out green instead. My yellows are more earthy, brown yellows. This yellow is clear, pure, primary yellow. It is really pretty.

We had our little bit of snow. Actually I got 3.25 inches of rain first overnight Sunday into Monday. I walked out to the mailbox yesterday afternoon and sleet was hitting my face. I do not like sleet at all. It was cold and we had a blustery wind from the north. Last night the sleet was heavy enough to make a noise on the roof and windows. I sighed big, knowing how ice can be. Then we had a little bit of snow on top of that. But now the sun is out, everything is melting, and the ground is soggy and mushy. This is okay in my book. Sun and melting is better than overcast, cloudy, yucky, and cold.

Sunday I went over to a knitter friend's house for an afternoon of girls' day out. We ate and ate, and then ate some more. We knit, we talked, and then we watched Le Vin En Rose. OMG-it was fabulous! The young woman who won Best Actress deserves the award. It was amazing how the makeup people aged her. And her posture-oh! everything! See it if you haven't yet.

That's it, I guess. Back to yummy yellow!

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