Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Hate Being Sick!

I am not going to be all gross and talk about sickness. But I have been really, really sick for two days with a stomach virus. I absolutely HATE to vomit. I would never be bulimic because of that. I am doing better enough that I can sit up for a while without the nausea. It is really weird. I cannot lie flat, because the nausea overwhelms me and my stomach hurts. I finally found I could lie in the lounge chair, which was not meant to sleep in. I had to find the right angle for my stomach to quit churning. I could not sit upright, as I am doing now, because I would be overwhelmed with the urge to vomit.

Anyway, I have been able to eat a little bit today, and I am moving better. I am still sleeping huge chunks of time. I still have chills and hot flashes.

Enough of that. Needless to say, I have not been able to knit, read, or do anything but pant and groan. I pant when I have the urge to vomit. Is this a normal physiological response? Maybe it is similar to when the cats get ready to throw up a huge ball of yuck, they make this really weird growly noise that can only mean that you better get the paper towels ready.

So, just to touch base. I am knitting the charade socks. I love, love, love the pattern. I will try to get a picture, but I am now on the heel flap. It is going fairly fast.

Tomorrow our LYS is having a Roc Day Celebration. There will be spinners, knitters, and anyone else they can drag along. It will be fun. I know Roc Day is on the 7th, but most of us work. So this was the next alternative. I hope I am up to it.

Well, I better go lie down again. Later.

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