Monday, December 31, 2007

This Is The End-Bring In The Beginning!!

I haven't got a lot to say. Just that it is the last of 2007. I am a real party pooper, and I will be in bed asleep by 10p.m. I always think I will try to stay awake until midnight, but I never do.

Thanks to all the readers of my new little blog. I have certainly enjoyed reading other people's blogs, and I have certainly found a lot of inspiration in all of them. There is a big community out there. With this communication device, we can certainly share with each other so much easier than before.

And I think that this has been my focus and my reasons for starting a blog. I want to reach out to the community. I have always enjoyed my immediate knitting community that is in my physical reach. But to find so many new people to say howdy to is overwhelming. All I know to do is say THANKS!

I was waiting for one of my seniors today at a local drug store. After leaving the restroom, I passed by the card section. There was a card with a western style saloon with sheep in different stages of intoxication. There was a sign on the wall that said: Attention all sheep dogs. No herding while intoxicated. Inside it said "Many tanked ewes."

I can't add a thing to that. See you next year.

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