Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Almost The End For 2007

This is the hat. You cannot see the swirls of holes. It is quite warm and toasty, but I needed more length around the ears. Maybe I will add a few rows there.

I have been knitting mitres on this end of the humongous blanket. It is a lifetime project-literally. I can knit little squares for days-as I have this week-and it doesn't look like anything is done. At this rate, it could become a scarf instead. Hmm-that's an idea!

This is a hideous attempt to photo the socks I have started. I knit a picot edge. I love it. But I cannot get a photo. Sorry!

And this is my latest spinning project. It is Icelandic wool-cleaned but not carded. It was gifted to me, and I promised the woman I would do two skeins of wool as a gift back to her. Well-I did one skein and never completed the second. So before this year is ended, I will complete that promise.


The little tiny library in my closest town is part of a county library system. I occasionally look up the names of books I am interested in, and put in a reserve. We have a county-wide system, and sometimes it takes a week or two to get to my little library. Well, I have never put in a generic title of "knitting". Last weekend I did that, and came back with pages of book titles. Today I went to my library and picked up seven of the ones I reserved. What a deal!! There is one I have never heard of -No-Pattern Knits by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer. It is simple modular techniques, and it looks interesting. The rest are books that most of us have or want to have. I only like one or two things in some books, and I cannot afford to buy the whole book. So I am going to study and read and get a handle on this latest fiasco I have been through.

I am glad the latest weather skirted by us. I am in an elevation that I got a dusting of wet snow yesterday on my truck. But we have a coupla more fronts moving in that look COLD! I am not a great big fan of cold, cold, cold weather. I like to visit places that are cold, but not to live in. I can't imagine not having my Spring around Easter.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy the day!

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