Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Almost Christmas!

Well, I just hit the wrong button and it published. Oh, my, aren't we just a little touchy this morning. You silly computer.

I finished a little hat. It has holes that spiral around. I could not get a good picture. I used the same handspun yarn that I made that little bag. You only notice the holes and spiral when it is on the head. And I am not able to photo my own head in such a way that it shows. And off the head it looks like a blobby hat.

We got the cold front that came through the middle part of the U.S. Fortunately I am just south enough that I got a dusting of snow. Today it is mostly gone. There is wind, but the sun is strong enough to melt some of it. The shady parts and the north part of the property is still dusted. My girlfriend in Kansas called to ask if we had the snow yet. At that time it was just raining with occasional frozen parts. She told me they had 5 inches, possibly more. Whew!

My younger brother's birthday was yesterday-Solstice. I remember very well the day he came home from the hospital. I was three years old. My older brother and I stayed in the Studebaker and waited. When I saw my parents coming out of the hospital, I noticed my mother was carrying something wrapped up. When she got into the car, I peered over the back of the front seat. I asked, "What is that?" My mother said, "This is your new brother. Santa Claus brought him for you." "Well, I didn't ask for that. You can just take it back." So 56 years later, he is still here.

My parents also answered a question by older brother, age 6. "What are you going to call it?"
When told what the name of my brother was, my older brother said, "You can't call it that. That's your names." My parents were so clever to name him after themselves. My father had been a junior, and he didn't want a junior. It seems strange that now we have four generations of Stephens, but only the middle two have the same middle name.

Oh, well, I am spinning and sitting in the sun as it comes in the window. It has been very relaxing. I finished my green skein yesterday, blocked it, and it is packed away with the others.

As far as knitting this weekend, I am going to stick to my afghans. I need to add more mitres and make some more of the Lizard Ridge blocks. I can manage this. But I am not going to try anything new for a while.

Have a happy Sunday! Enjoy the day and remember-Christmas is almost over! No more buying, no more anxiety, and no more "oops-I forgot ____".

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