Sunday, December 9, 2007

Where's My New Lamp?

First this is the little bag I finished a while back for a friend. I wanted to show the little button I used. Isn't it just the cutest thing? I lined it with a material that was tans and cream that looked like stones. I knit it from handspun that was dyed with walnut. I blended a little bit of mohair that was dyed pink to give a little kick to the browns. I included a small pair of scissors, a needle holder with some darning needles for sewing seams, and some really cute markers. This was the nightmare called an oven mitt for a giant. I cannot believe it grew and grew and grew. By midnight Friday night I was listening to my audiobook and really sickly aware that this thing could not actually shrink enough. Look how it fits the top of my washing machine!!!!
So here is the transformed oven mitt that became a door ornament! I mean-how many people could possibly want an oven mitt door ornament? Well,it went to a friend's house last night as a hostess gift! With the artificial flowers!

So, this is really a serious thing! What has happened to my ability to knit? This is so awful!

I want my new spectrum light to hurry up and get here. It has been cloudy for three days, drizzly, and tonight it is threatening to turn into frozen precipitation. Friday night I piled up in bed with my book on tape, the hot water bottle under the covers, my two cats, and my knitting. I. at least, finished this awful project. Maybe I should give it up for a while!

Does anyone else look around the house and realize that things are just out of control!?! I was thinking about this this morning. I changed my tablecloth to my Christmas cloth. And I went through the pile of stuff that piles up around the table. It was at this point that I saw the mess everywhere. I need to organize my piles of stuff today. That is the plan! So (as I sigh loudly) I must go take care of this before I can have some fun! Take care. Later.

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