Sunday, December 2, 2007

Are Spinners Nuts?

I went to the local alpaca exhibit yesterday. There was not a livestock show, but some of the farmers brought animals. There was one poor little guy that was very young, and this was his first time at a show. He was humming. He was tri-colored. He was a light brown with a shock of fawn on his head. And there was a dash of red in the fawn on his head. And he had freckles on his face. Really cute. I am so sorry, but I did not take any pictures of the animals. I always ask the farmers if they mind if I put pictures on my blog. It becomes a little difficult when there are people from all over the place and they don't know you. So I just prefer to just look and talk to the animals.

The spinners from my guild were there in the lobby spinning alpaca. The guild's alpaca afghan was there. My friend CJ had blocked all the squares and crocheted an edging to make them even out. She just roughly put it together with black thread to just demonstrate how it might look when finished. Some of the spinners have not turned in their squares yet. It will be auctioned next year at the livestock show.

Of course, the spinning guild is the best customer of any of the farmers. Some of them bought whole fleeces, some bought a few ounces, and some just wished for more. I bought a blend of a black and white roving-just 4 ounces. I really didn't need any more stuff to spin. I think everyone is like me-they like to know where the fiber comes from. They like to meet the animals, and know the face that is associated with the fiber.

I also got 4 audiobooks at the library. Has anyone else noticed that there is very little on t.v. these days? I guess I have 2 shows I am really interested in, and last week there was a rerun on one of them. Then there are the stupid Christmas shows. I mean-Rockettes at Madison Square Gardens? After a coupla dances I lose interest. They're good. We all know that. And that stupid Grammy thing? Who cares who had on the least amount of clothes at one of the Grammy shows? Anyway, it is getting close to time to show It's A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street. And Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. Sigh! Turn on the audiobooks.

And our PBS station has been doing another fundraiser. I really can't understand why they always show the exact same shows every time. I mean-the very same ones. Not an update since the last show in 1995, but the exact same show.

O.K. enough grousing this morning. It is raining! Yeah! We had less than one half inch in the month of November. November is usually one of our rainy months.

I have to go put the clothes in the dryer. I am not knitting. I have been a slug. I wanted to finish plying my green wool. That's all I plan today.

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