Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's St. Nicholas Day!

I have already gotten a present today. And I haven't even put my shoes out or a carrot for the horse. One of my co-workers bought me a pair of (gasp!) acrylic fingerless gloves with the hinged mitten thing that goes over the fingers. I am really appreciative of any gift I receive. It was not expected.

Has anyone noticed that if you talk about something you like or want, and suddenly the gift fairies of the world inundate you with that object? One year I mentioned to one friend that I bought myself a calendar with polar bears on it. That year I got 12 different calendars from people. I think I mentioned that I was knitting myself a pair of fingerless mitts, and I showed everyone the ones CJ made for me. So I guess this is the year for this gift.

It has been really cold with a cold wind blowing. Today we had some frozen rain at times. I only slid once in the van going up a hill. Late in the afternoon I noticed the sun came out, and it changed to non-precipitation.

Last night I put the hot water bottle under the covers. I gathered my audiobooks, and put the cd player in the bedroom. I gathered up my knitting, and crawled into bed. Baby had already discovered the warm lump, and was curled around it. What a life, huh?

Tonight I am cooking a pumpkin pie for one of the seniors I take to the hairdresser every week. She is 96 years old. She always tells people, "I am not old. I have just been around a lot longer than most." Her family came for Thanksgiving. Last week I asked her how that went, and she was telling me she never got a pumpkin pie. They did all the cooking in her tiny kitchen, but no one thought about her love of pumpkin pie. So tomorrow I will give her a pumpkin pie that she can eat all by herself. She will not have to share it with anyone.

I guess that is all. I decided today I needed to make myself a pair of dull brown socks to wear as everyday socks. So when I feel inspired, I will begin those. Most of my socks are wild and handpainted, and don't really match too much of anything. I just like them. So I guess everyday brown socks are going to be next.

So time for CSI. They have advertised it as a new show. Last week it was a rerun. Later.

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