Monday, December 10, 2007

Just A Little Note!

1. My LYS (Handheld Knitting) has finished with the yearly calendar. It has color photos this year! Really nice! Good kid and cat photos!
2. I got a call from a coworker wanting to ask if I know how to make candy! I said, "Sure." So she asked some simple questions, and asked for suggestions.
3. I took the flag down at work last week-before the yucky weather set in-and starting folding the flag correctly after handing one end to another coworker. Everyone was amazed that I knew how to fold the flag. Doesn't everyone know how to fold a flag? Isn't flag etiquette taught to children any more? Are elementary schools using flag patrols any more?
4. It hasn't stopped raining for two days now.
5. Despite the weather, it seems there was a crowd at the LYS yesterday for the afternoon Last Minute Gifts event. And there was a goodly crowd for Knit Group when I left at 6pm tonight. I had all the intentions of getting home before dark. I hate going to the barn with a flashlight.
6. There seems to be a lot of dead possums on the road lately.

Sorry-I had to stop to yawn. It is time for bed!

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