Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Joys of Knitting Groups

Last night was my first night back to knitting group after the holiday stuff and sick stuff. It was a reminder to keep pushing myself to go-no matter how shitty my day has been.

I dragged my little sock along to keep working on that. I am driven to finish these socks, although I am a slow knitter. And work does get in the way. I got more little compliments and fussing over the thing than I have ever gotten with anything. It really felt good, not in a head-swelling way, but in a warm way. That I was recognized as a knitter. It really is a cute sock-picture will come soon.

It was just nice to sit down and talk technical stuff with other knitters, and just chat. I really think it is a cultural thing. We speak the same language, and we have the same creative ability to make something. Some of us go through down periods, and some of us are on high periods. But we mesh well.

I had such a good Sunday visit with my friend. She dragged her carpenter friend along, although he was warned that we would be talking a lot of catch-up and girl talk. We took a hike down into the holler behind my house and walked the creek. After climbing back up the hill-pant! pant!- we walked down to my neighbor's house. We then walked across the field, through the barbed wire fence, across the old rock wall, and down into the holler to the creek. It was tons of fun! But I was really tired coming back home. Remember-I have been sick. My legs were wobbly.

After getting home, I decided I had to have something to eat. So I baked one of my famous Impossible Pumpkin Pies. It is made with Bisquik in it, and there is no crust. It takes 30,35, or 40 mins to cook. Depends on the oven temp. By that time, my neighbor was home and he came over to eat pie.

So a really nice Sunday afternoon.

We have been having warmish afternoons,but all will change soon. Tomorrow is rain, colder, and snow overnight. Thursday the temps will drop all day. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

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