Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Am Glad It Is The End of This Month!

Well, this whole month kinda sucked. We have had more wet weather. I am south enough in the county to not have it too bad this time around. The roads are a mess, but we have been lucky so far. More is scheduled to arrive this afternoon.

I have been trying to think of positives about unemployment:
1. I don't have to drive in the bad weather.
2. I have escaped the latest virus going around. I am far enough out in the boonies that no one comes to visit, either, so they can't bring it to me.
3. I haven't had to buy gas.
4. I have almost finished my second book this week.
5. I have taken a few employment tests-enough to convince me my brain is leaking smartness somewhere else.

Oops-that last one was not so positive. It is really difficult to ignore the sadness around here. The only ones who are estatic are the cats and the wild birds. I have been cooking the birds cornbread and mixing it with suet and peanut butter.

Anyway, February comes tomorrow and maybe with it will come a better month. We can only keep trying.

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