Friday, February 1, 2008

The Snow Is Melting! The Snow Is Melting!

This was the beginning of the snowfall. The woods are outside my back door. There is a steep bluff just beyond the treeline. Ms. Bear and others live down there. But I go down to the creek often during the wintertime. The ticks and chiggers are too rough for me in the summer.

This is one hour later. You can see how fast it was falling.
So this morning I got out the cross-country skis and headed for the pasture. I was eager to get out and see everything before the melting started.
I know this is not a major snowfall compared to other parts of the U.S. But I liked it enough to venture out to the pasture on my skis. Buddy, the horse, galloped and snorted and thought I looked too funny for him to trust me. He recognized my voice, but was puzzled by the skis, the hat, the scarf, and the poles I used. I also had on a pair of snow pants that are water-resistant and make a funny swishing sound when the legs rub together.
I finally made my way out to the road and went to visit a neighbor. The road was packed snow that had frozen and was slick. I had to be really careful and made it to his door safely. Afterwards I fell down going down a tiny little slope that was too slick. My behind is a little bit sore. Don't forget we have lots of rocks around here. I didn't have time to practise my lesson on how to fall properly. And there really wasn't enough snow to cushion the fall. So homeward I went, and away went the skis until next time.
This is my next spinning project. Isn't it lovely. I bought it from Whorled Peace on Etsy. It is superwash merino, and it spins really easily. I love nice roving. And the colors are lovely. I split it out and wound it onto little balls. I hope to preserve the way she dyed it. But then when I started spinning it, I remembered when I ply it it will be an interesting assortment of colors. I think it will be really nice when I finish it. I'll let you know.
I also made some templates for a log cabin quilt block. I am going to make it with scraps and any old colors that I like. It will be a real "scrappy" quilt, and I will show you as I go along. I think I can just make blocks as I have the materials, and it will be another one of my lifelong projects. Like the mitres.
Back to spinning. I love this roving. She did an excellent job with the dyeing.

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