Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Plot Thickens!

This is the product of my imagination. I will not show you photos; it is too embarassing. Have you every read a book where the police have to go to someone's home and look for a missing something? And don't you always wonder what the police think about the person's place. I mean- on T.V. they always say things like, "Wow! This place is really something!" or "This place is a dump!" It is scripted language for the plot and for the audience. But what do real-life police think?

I really think about things like this. It takes it way beyond your mother telling you to always wear clean panties in case you are in an accident. I was just looking around my studio space today. I have the almost-dried gourds hanging on a wooden clothes dryer thing in one space. There are green and drying gourds still on the floor in other spaces. There is my spinning wheel and its nest of fibers around it. There is my sewing area. There is my computer area that I am sitting in right now. There are piles of flannel for the flannel blankie I am sewing around the sewing area. Oh-and I have my telescope.

In my "living room" area, I have all my knitting stuff piled up. I was kinda looking at that last night and wondering if I need to sort that out. I didn't.

So-in walks this policeman or woman. First, he or she or them see the kitchen. It's a kitchen. Sometimes messy, sometimes okay. Then either they go into the messy living room or the messy studio space. "Wow! This place belongs to a really interesting person. She has really neat stuff!" or "Wow! This place is sure crammed with a lot of junk!"

The only time I ever do anything about these thoughts is when I go out of town. I always put clean sheets on the bed, I put clean towels in the bathroom, I always clean up the kitchen and refrigerator, and I try not to leave too much dirty laundry in the basket. I will even wash the kitchen floor if I have time. I will vacuum if I have time. But only if I have time. It always makes me feel better knowing I left my house in good order, and when I get home the house is straight and the bed is ready for me to collapse. And I always wear a clean pair of panties.

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