Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Something's Blooming!!

This is witchhazel. Isn't it something? It blooms in the woods on streambanks from late January to around March. It lasts so long because the blooms close up when it gets really cold, and then opens when it is sunny and warm on the blossoms. One of my neighbors brought me this bunch yesterday. I love the smell. It is a sweetish scent, and it is very recognizable. I was very pleased to get such a big batch. I usually only get one or two sprigs when I go hunting it. I remember a road trip when I saw witchhazel on both banks of the nearby stream. I rolled down the window to get the full sensory explosion of scent and sight.

The neighbor also brought me a flat of eggs, and some of them are double yolked. Good neighbors are wonderful, aren't they? I shared half of them with another neighbor that is unemployed. We can share around here. It is nice.

We had a dusting of snow this morning. It was the kind of snow that stings the face when the wind blows real hard. Not like the soft, wet snow we had last week.

There were multiple tornados yesterday, but they were all east of here. I think 13 people died here in Arkansas.

I am ready to go back to the warm weather again. I get antsy in late February and March. But this year I am antsy now. It is only a tease when the weather warms up like it did over the weekend. The sun is trying to peek out, but the clouds are prevailing. Sigh! Two more months of this. Yuck!

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