Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finished Objects-Whodathunkit?

Cutie Pie Socks-Done! And Mailed! Love them, Love Them! Charade pattern with picot edge on cuff.

Inside-Outside Hat-Done! Elizabeth Zimmerman double hat idea-Tienie's modification-and my own idea of Fair Isle patterns. I tried it on- Cute, Cute, Cute. Easy, Easy, Easy to knit! It's a quick weekend knit. I used Nashua Creative Focus yarn; it's an alpaca/wool blend. Very warm!
I did this for a friend, but I love it! Uhmmm!

Went to Monday Night Knit Group yesterday. I went in early to talk to Joy and Colleen. Joy is going to visit family and she was seaming the CUTEST little girl jacket for her granddaughter's Easter outfit. She found a precious dress to go with it. The jacket was her own design. I hope she will put a picture on their blogsite.

It has been raining a little bit, cold has set in again. I know it is not as cold as the northern states. I think the polar bear could just go to International Falls, and then it wouldn't be extinct. They evolved from a brown bear and adapted to their new environment. Why can't they just de-evolve back to an inland bear? Anyway- Baby says- "Keep your nose covered and fluff up your hair!"

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