Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Comes The Fog-Then Comes The Rain!

So remember this? Well-Ain't We Purty Now? It spun up to a 2-ply approx. 357 yards. It is soft, soft, soft, as merino should be soft. It is Spring-y and Happy yarn.

This morning I woke up early to get ready for the Spinning Guild's meeting. This was part of the drive there. It only got worse as I drove up to the top of the mountain. There was no visibility there. So here we are. We had a brief business meeting. No one seems to pay any attention to what is going on with the business. I think it is funny that this looks like a serious group, but as soon as the meeting part is over-

We party. We chit-chat, we visit, we give pointers to each other, we try to catch up with each other's lives- you know, the usual activity when spinners get together.
Oh-and we eat. It was a good spread today-two quiches, some sausage balls, some kind of fruit bread with cream cheese, and clementine oranges. Yummmm!
So-home again, home again, jiggity jig. I called CJ because she did not come to the meeting. It is a long way for her to drive, but she usually tries to come anyway. My intuition was right. Her mother-in-law's two dogs had a major dog fight, and one of the dogs managed to pull an eye out of the other one. These are little tiny pomeranians-mind you. Not pit bull fighting dogs. They live with CJ and her husband. Her mother-in-law was beyond hysterical, and CJ's husband scooped up the wounded dog. CJ drove them to the vet as fast as she could. It is now recuperating at the vet's hospital. So prayers need to go out to the tiny little thing. She is a mean little dog and has a bad temper, but now she is paying for her mean attitude.
It has been raining really, really hard for a coupla hours now. There is occaisonal thundering going on. This is the weirdest weather. I just never know what to believe any more when I listen to the reports. It is just that kind of day to sleep and read and wear a wool sweater and sockies. Sigh! I just want warm, sunny days again.

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