Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Have You Ever Seen An Ice Fog?

This is Baby helping me work on the mitre afghan. She insisted she had to sit on my lap long ways instead of across. She could take up more room that way. It is harder to knit because I had to twist to the side and around her. But I can knit mitres without any concentration. They are so mindless and easy.

Yeah! Sock 1 is finished. Onward to Sock 2. I like this colorway and I love, love, love the pattern. It is a Charade sock with a picot edging at the top. I know my friend will wear these as much as she is wearing her pink socks. I will have it finished by her birthday no matter what.
We are in the midst of an ice mess. Everything is iced over, and the roads are treacherous. Last night they closed the freeway near me-the one I take to work. I know it was opened by this a.m., but I am not going to risk my life to go to work. I did call my supervisor, and she said they were cancelling the buses. The cook called her to tell her he could not get out. He lives near the same little town I do, but east of the town. I live southwest of the little town. A few minutes ago they announced on the t.v. that there was an accident just north of my exit of the freeway. So.....
Grab your blankies and sleep through it!

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Carrie said...

My second weekend in Alabama and it snowed! We were told that it never snowed here, and when I say snow, I mean dusted really. Either way people were acting like Christmas had come twice, it was so funny! I love when the babies insist on taking up your whole lap while you're knitting, it's my favorite, at least there is appreciation ;). Miss you!