Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yuck! I Feel Yucky!

At least today I feel a little more human-like. I am actually dressed to go to work. What takes normally 30 mins tops took 1 hour and 15 mins. I was SPENT by the time I got to combing the hair. I lay down for several minutes in between steps of donning clothing. I panted and groaned through it all. I gave up at 8am- the time I was supposed to be at work- and called in. I am really shaky and obviously hungry. At least that's a sign of improvement. My back hurt all night and I did not sleep well at all. So that's a sign of improvement too. I am not sleeping the sleep of fever any more. So four days of sipping juices and soups has had a toll on the energy bank.

So today is the day I have got to figure out what to eat. I know it will be nibbles and then I quit.

I am also going to do the dishes and try to straighten out the house. I have got to drag myself to my little town nearby and go to the store. The cats are out of food, and that's disastrous! I only had two dead bodies in the living room this morning. But I have to wash my tent peg sack since the murder was done on the sack. It is covered in blood and excrement.

I missed the Roc Day celebration. Well, maybe next year. I did talk to a coupla of people and it sounded like it went okay. When I talked to my friend CJ, she said it was beginning to wind down. There were only 5 spinning wheels in the room she was in, and she didn't know about the other rooms. Sorry Colleen and Joy!

No knitting news. I have been reading my books in little increments. I can't focus for too long.

So next posting-no sick news. Only fiber fun!

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