Thursday, January 10, 2008

OMG-My Friend Is Coming Over Sunday!

I am so far behind the cutie socks for my friend in California. Well-I just got a call and she is at her lake cabin in Oklahoma. She wanted to know if I could stand a little visit on Sunday. She said she would not spend the night, just a day visit. OMG-I know I can never finish 1 1/2 socks by then. So-

I decided to finish the lengthening of my funny little cap. This is logical-isn't it? Why put pressure on myself. I need the cap now with the weather. She still has the socks I made her last year. There is more pressure for me to keep my ears warm. I can pretty well justify my ability to eventually finish the socks.

So-rather than sit here and type, I am going to go knit. Later.