Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh! Boy! A Warm-Up!

Well, it has been a little bit warmer. Yes, I know it is January! But Sunday I picked the warmest part of the day, found a seat in the sun, and I knit mitres. It was heavenly! My husband used to tell me I was part lizard, because I would find a sunny spot and just sit still and soak up the sun.

Today has been overcast, a sign of the storms moving in. I think the front has moved slower than originally thought. So I assume I will wake up in the middle of the night with thunder-boomers overhead.

Today I walked off my job. I cried a lot this morning. I talked to one of my mentors. I was just depressed. But this afternoon I pulled up my big-girl panties and emailed two resumes to people. Sigh! I am doomed! I couldn't go to my knitting group tonight. I didn't want to talk about it and cry a lot. It doesn't do any good.

Speaking of crying, I went to my childhood friend's house on Saturday and watched a video that her sister had made of old home movies. I started blubbering when I saw the taffy party. My father always cooked the candy, and then we pulled and pulled and ate and ate. But there were my parents when they were in their late 20's, and they were young and cute and thin and happy. And there were her parents so young, and cute, and happy. I remember the weirdest things. Like her mother's black bathing suit. And I could remember some of the Christmas ornaments and decorations. Her parents house burned and they lost all of them. And there was her grandmother, and her uncle that always came on Christmas. Anyway, it was emotional for both of us.

So what does one do when she gets so emotional? We knit until her husband came home, and he took us out to eat. He was very understanding.

I was so excited to get some more new leftover sock yarns, so I added a coupla of them in yesterday on the mitre afghan. I now have a pink square. I didn't have any pink.

I am totally sick to death of all the politics. I think they have lost touch with reality. I couldn't listen to the state of the union speech or to all the crap that came afterwards. I have been reading. It is my way to lose touch with reality. I would rather read than listen to their speeches.

Well, enough gloom and doom! Later.

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joy said...

Girl, we missed you Monday - now I see what's up. While you were walking out I was at yoga talking to a medical transcriptionist. She emailed some contacts that I forwarded to you. Did you get them? AND today a graduate student from U of A biology came in to buy yarn for a natural dyeing lab she is doing today and tomorrow. I gave her your email address and said you were a great resource. Something is bound to work out for you with all your talent. Keep the faith. Joy