Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ah! The Mystery Is Solved!

I read cozy mysteries. I like them for various reasons. They are not difficult to read and do not require a great genius. I especially like the genre mysteries, and just finished a new mystery by Mary Kruger. If I was not brain dead from this muck, I'd tell you the title. Again, the person is killed with a knitting needle.

The heroine is bright. She owns a knit shop and is a designer. She was able to tell the police the type of knitting needle it was and the vintage of the needle. She even noticed a tiny speck of yarn on the shoulder of the dead person's coat. She was able to tell the police the type of yarn, and describe what someone would knit with it.

OK, this is the third or fourth mystery I have read where they kill someone with a knitting needle. There was only one that was killed with Addi Turbos, but the others are generic, run-of-the-mill knitting needles. I mean, have you looked at them? They have blunt tips. Despite the Homeland Security fear of mad people invading airports with their knitting needles, I cannot see this a viable tool for murder.

My father taught me how to fight with a knife. It is not an advised sport. It can be very deadly, and you have to get up close with the person to inflict harm. The best "spot" is to go for the soft abdomen and push upwards to the vital organs. A lot of blood and pain, but it will work if the thrust is good. Keep away from bones. The back is not good because of bones, sinew, muscles, and all kinds of tight stuff to give you strength. OK-so why would you stab someone in the back with a knitting needle?

Fast forward to last Thursday night when I was beginning to get really, really, really sick. I mean moaning and groaning sick. I put on the sloppiest and warmest sweatpants. I did not want anything to touch my stomach-which was blown up like a starving toddler. I grabbed a blankie, and sat down in my lounge chair. I was heading for safety and warmth and self-pity. Plop! Down I went.

Onto my little plastic sack with my current sock project on size 1 double-point needles. I swore and said not-nice words. I jumped up and yanked that little sack out of the corner and threw it onto the coffee table. I put my hand onto my leg, and I was bleeding. Now this was on the fatty-saddle-part of the thigh, not in the buttocks. I cleaned this up and swore a lot more. I groaned some more, and plopped down onto the lounge chair with the blankie in hand. I jumped up once more, because the extra needle had lodged into the cushion and was poking me in the same spot I had first injured!

So-okay-now I know you can inflict bodily harm with knitting needles. Thankfully I do not have the habit of "falling" into chairs like some people. But it would still require some strength and intent to do bodily harm to use a knitting needle. You could just bury one in the chair cushion like my sock did to me. Put a little poison on it that is not so easily traced. Make sure the poison is not in any of your library of herbology books. And make sure you do not leave a trail on a computer or in library books. It could be done.

Oh-Oh! How you know that the writer of this latest book, Mary Kruger, is a knitter. The lady who does the deadly deed left her knitting needle in the lady's torso. So when she got back, she put all her knitting on holders, and disposed of the extra needle. Smart-huh? I mean, I certainly would hate to drop any stitches after I had killed someone.

I just went to another site and looked up the book's title:
Knit Fast, Die Young

Her other books were Died In The Wool and A Killer Stitch.

Well, this feel's like a Monday. I went back to work today, but barely made it through the day.
I just have to get through two more days this week. Talk to you later. Watch out for killer knitting needles!

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Kathy said...

Ouch! I love cozies too...but I prefer Miss Marple, who just knits as she sleuths,to those who risk dropped stitches by ripping their needles from their precious projects and becoming the murderer themselves.