Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where Did September Go?

My gosh! It is October-almost. I think it was just Labor Day the other day! I am waking up to cooler mornings. I leave my windows open all the time, and I had to put a light blanket on the bed last night. I am seeing the trees changing daily now. No spectacular color shows yet, but there is change there. The squirrels are running all over the place-and on the roads-trying to find nuts. With the freeze we had, there will be a nut shortage. That's bad for squirrels, deer, turkey, and other mast eaters. The other day I walked outside to the awful scent of bear everywhere. I think she is looking for food too.

I am seeing that blue color everywhere. I am becoming obsessive about that blue color we had last weekend at the dye workshop. I bought some Kool Aid to make some more dye, but have not had the time. I saw a car and an old pickup truck at a used car lot that had that blue. Then I look up and there is a huge billboard with that blue. It is everywhere!

I have my clothes hanging on the line, and there is a nice breeze blowing today. They will be dry in no time. Someone is supposed to come and brush hog the pastures, but they have not shown up. I wish they would come while I am at work. That way I don't have to put up with the pollen and dust as it is flying around.

Oh-the sky was that color blue, also!

The new shows have started on TV. That has been interesting this week. I have gotten several mitres done on the sock afghan. I can do those fast, and I don't have to think too much. I have been very exhausted from my job. There are two of us that are doing double duty since two others had vacation. So I can sit on the couch, knit mitres, and listen to the new shows. I then get up, do my back stretches, crawl into bed, read a little, and sleep, sleep, sleep. Then it starts all over again in the morning.

Baby Girl had her birthday this week. She is officially 6 years old now. Noodles birthday is in October-I think. He was a rescued kitty and I guesstimated his birthday. He will be 7 years old. I spent a fortune-literally-this week on flea medicine, Frontline Plus, and worm medicine. They have a new worm medicine that is topical and you apply like Frontline. That is good for kitties that do not take pills easily. (Like my two!) The vet said the tapeworm medicine is the same, but the other worm medicine was discovered in Japan as a fungus on some plant. It is a new discovery, and has been tested in Europe. I did not like to read the insert about the testing part, but I am happy to have an easier medicine to use.

I guess I better get busy and do something else productive. It is a beautiful day to be outside, but I have to clean bathrooms first. Oh-and the kitchen! It's a mess!

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