Friday, September 21, 2007

Does Anyone Know What Day It Is?

I have to laugh. I am older than any other worker in my job. We service senior citizens, which I am only months away from official-hood. When they throw all kinds of stuff at ya, and I just act confused and demand they communicate better. They mutter among themselves that people have a tendency to not accept change well as they grow older. Today, in an aside by another co-worker, I was told I would go back to my first job I was hired for because the person they put on the job is not accepting the change well. And that she is a little bit "stressed"! Lordy-and she is not even 50 yet! All I can do is laugh-but not out loud in front of anyone.

Tomorrow is my dye workshop at the LYS. I am just 45% ready. I am moving in slow gear. It is very difficult for me to pack everything I need. I am so used to having my stuff spread out all over the place, and if I need something, there it is. Now I have to plan a little bit. Yuck!

But I am planning on having fun! I am not one of those stodgy chemistry teachers! I am intuitive, spontaneous, and what the hell! add another color persons. I will give full reports when I get back to the blog.

I have never been good at overdyeing, but that seems to be very popular. I took one of their not so hot dyed yarns from the knit shop. I first tried to intensify the colors that were already there. That didn't go well. Then I dyed it with one color. That was really BAD in the not good way. So finally I threw it in a Kool Aid crock pot, and there you are. A nice pink yarn with extra colors thrown in. I did not get a picture before it went back to the yarn shop. Maybe this weekend I will do that.

Anyway, have a good Saturday. Meet up with ya later.

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