Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Autumn! It's the Autumnal Equinox!

What a glorious end of summer yesterday was! It was warm, but not HOT! It was sunny! And a perfect day to dye outside. Colleen and a coupla others were bothered by bugs, but I guess my skin's too tough. We began with practise pieces of 2 yard skeins. Colleen dyed roving. The Greatest Surprise was the Kool Aid Crock Pot. I have never tried the blue Kool Aid dyes. Well-let me be the first to tell you- it is GORGEOUS! It is the sky blue that you see in pictures four and six. I mixed a package of Blue Berry and a package of Blue Raspberry Lemonade. Well-that's on my To Do List. Everyone at the workshop was busy, busy, busy. After lunch we got down to serious dyeing of the yarn brought by the participants. It was fun to watch everyone's techniques, everyone's color choices, and to see the satisfaction that it was really pretty. I think the surprise on people's faces was the most fun. After steaming in my roaster, we gave each a quick bath. Then we hung them in the tree to dry. Well, it was a gorgeous sight!
I quickly made a char sieu marinade last night and left chicken breasts to marinade overnight. Right now my house smells wonderful as the chicken is cooking. I am trying to get the cooking over this morning while the morning is cool. I thought about cooking on the grill, but the marinade would have a tendency to burn. So I popped it in the oven, and yummy in the tummy time today. I can't get enough of that mystery Red Dye, but I have been good to watch the toxins in my system lately.
I was listening to something on t.v. that was a little bit interesting. Has anyone else noticed that there is really nothing on t.v. until the new season starts next week? Anyway, the person was talking about people who make to do lists. Not just today I need to go by the grocery store. But lists like "Climb Mount Everest in my lifetime." This person was talking about people concerned that they may die before they complete their lists and how this creates an anxiety. Well-Mt. Everest is not on my lists. Dyeing with blue Kool Aid is. I have been careful not to make any knitting wish lists. I like to call them wish lists, because I don't get anxious that I haven't done them. I know in my head things I would like to do, but I don't write it down. I have read a lot of blogs where people do that. I also have a list in my head of studies I would like to do. Example, cables.
I am talking to my girlfriend while I am writing this. Her daughter just bought a house. So we had to go through all the stuff that she has gotten to move in, and all the details.
Gotta go. I've got lots of things to do today. I will catch up later on.

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