Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wow! It's Cool At Night!!

Has this every happened to you? I am almost asleep, and I am really looking forward to being asleep, and BONG! my brain registers what is wrong with this scarf. I had seen it on someone's blog, and I thought, "My scarf does not look like that. I wonder why?" And several days later, BONG! I did not garter stitch my color B. So it has no texture. It is flat. It is unlovely! I have thought about unraveling the whole thing and doing something else with the yarn. So this morning, I began to analyze the situation. I have knitted 27", and I really, really, really, don't want to undo 27". So I took it outside, propped it up as above, and stood way back. I left it there a while, and went out to look at it occasionally. So, I think I will just finish this mess, chalk it up to experience, and be done with it.
Isn't this a lovely chili? I just picked it this morning. It is 3.5" And I am going to stuff it with cheese and bake it! Yum!

I worked on mitres yesterday throughout the day. A friend from out of town stopped by to show me her new car. And she thinks I have too many projects! Imagine that? She is someone who works on one project at a time. She does not have a stash. She buys the yarn needed for the project, and never is tempted into buying something on impulse. So which of us is weird?

Today I spent the morning working on the shrug. I am going to finish that pretty quickly, and I cannot finish it soon enough. The mornings have been in the 50's for a coupla days. We have hot days still, but the weather is changing. The scarf is doomed for the give away box. And I guess I better finish those socks for my friend. So really I have three projects within reach of finishing. The mitre afghan is an ongoing project forever. And I am going to start a lizard ridge afghan. And that will be an ongoing project forever.

So-happy Sunday-enjoy the weekend!

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