Saturday, September 15, 2007

It IS Finally Saturday!

I have decided that this job is the PITS! I am not sure what to do about it other than complain and cry about it. This week I was shifted to a different truck route that takes 5 hours to deliver, and I have to do more physical labor than the other job. I am not complaining about the labor, except that my right hip is KILLING me!

The weather is definitely changing. I see subtle little changes in the leaf color, but mostly how the animals are starting to act. I have to buy more cat food and now horse food. I have started increasing Buddy's grain rations by one scoop. By next month it will be two scoops extra. I noticed Baby's hair is thicker, but not her winter coat yet.

I have had little knitting time this week due to exhaustion. But I have managed a few more rows on the dratted sock #2. When these socks are done, that's it for a while. I have already decided what the next socks will be, but not after I do some of my Christmas knitting. I promised a friend's grandson a pair of socks in RED! His favorite color.

I have got to do some maintenance this weekend, but I have got to get my stuff together for the dye workshop I am teaching next weekend. I have to clean the house some, and I have to do the last mowing on the yard to empty the lawn mower. And I have to do some weedeating to empty that out too.

Hunting season is starting next week. Whew! I have made a general announcement that I am not allowing anyone on the property. Although I am renting, I am caretaking the property. So I feel that I can do that. A friend that I trust said he wanted to come down for bow hunting. I know he is a responsible person, and will be respectful of the animals. But I guess the cable will have to go up over the cattle guard starting next week. Normally it is not a big deal in this community. But last year we had "family and friends" of people tromping around and killing trophy animals. That will not do. If you need meat, most of the time people just kill one deer quietly and share with others in need. But not the trophy people. They are out for the biggest bucks they can find.

Well, I guess I am off to do chores. Whoopee! Catch up with everyone later!

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