Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's September Already!?!?!

Okay! Someone who is an arachnid expert tell me why this photo turned out the way it did. There is something in the spider that reflects the light from the flash. It was too weird! I tried several shots-without and with flash-and this is what I get! It wasn't dark out. It was just dusk, and I went out to remove a skein of wool on the blocker right outside the door. But Ms. Spidey had already moved in. I left her there for the night. No one I have talked to knows why she shows up white. She is actually a pretty brown orb spider.

Well enough weaving questions. I am working on the mitred afghan. Nothing to show that is exciting. I am also trying to finish the Manos shrug. And the LYS is having a fabulous sale to get ready for the new Fall yarns. I am taking a class next Saturday, and bought my yarn for that. I also bought some pretty lavender tweed Euroflax for a washcloth for Christmas. Yes, I am thinking Christmas already. Yuck!

I went into the little town near me to run errands this a.m. I stopped at the bank, library, and post office. The necessary things. I also ran by the feed store and picked up some feed for Buddy. I was too tired to carry the sack out to the barn. I looked out later and he had ripped the sack open and was eating. So more work for me since I was too lazy to take care of it when I got home. I had to transfer some to buckets, and then carry the rest of the sack to the barn. I was not a happy camper, to say the least.

I am getting old I guess. I find that if I try to knit after I have worked all day, I doze off. It has been a very tiring week. I am beginning to fantasize about being wealthy and not working. Which is truly a fantasy! I even got tired at the Monday Night Knit Group last week. I decided to leave early so I could get home safely.

I have decided I have too many UFO's hanging out and waiting to be finished. I have found several little projects I want to do. But I am being stubborn and not start anything else. I have to finish at least one complete project before I can start another new thing. We will see how long this will last. But I really have too many projects sitting around. Yeah, everyone says that. But I really do.

I guess I will close for now. I feel like a nap is coming soon. I did 3 mitres this morning early, so that is a little bit of an accomplishment.

Baby's on guard! She may look peaceful, but she is alert to anything that moves around her!

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