Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hooray! It's Raining!

I know it is flooding in other parts of the U.S., but we need rain so badly. We had a very wet July, but we are still behind in our rainfall. Then August heat and drought came. So every little bit we get, we get excited. I looked at the rain gauge and it is 1.5 inches since 5 a.m. My gourds may get a little bit bigger.

The temperature is now 68 degrees. That is a far cry from the 90's yesterday.

I think today I am going to dye some. I really need to work some too. I actually picked up some knitting last night. It felt good to just sit and knit and be quiet. I guess I will get used to my job and I will get my life back. Just some days I am so tired. I just want to go to bed and read and rest. Enough of that crap!

The cats are adjusting to my time schedule, but poor ole Buddy is slower. Two nights this week I found him standing right in the drive into the yard, and he will not move. One night I rolled the window down and told him to go to the barn. He reluctantly left his guard post and waited by the feed room door. A neighbor brought some corn for him, and he really likes the variety. It is harder for him to chew it, and he leaves a big mess. But other animals get the leftovers, so it works.

Not a whole lot to say today. Other than it is cooler and wetter. I can feel the changes coming. We still have September heat to go through, but the cool snaps help.

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