Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm a Whiny Baby!

OK-Here're the updated two photos of the mitred nightmares. You just have to merge them into one visual photo in your brain. I have only completed three rows, but my god, it takes forever! I have laid it aside for a while. I am, for sure, going to finish my UFO's soon.

Noodles dug out the shrug from the knitting bowl and made a nest on it. This is a sign that I am to work on this too. I mean, it was rolled up and mixed up with the balls of Manos in the bowl. He had to work hard to dig it out, spread it out without any creases, and fix it just right into a nest. I have to just shake my head.

I did not listen to him about the quilt. It languishes in the box that he was laying in in that photo before. I have good intentions, but no desire to dig it out. I guess it will take some thinking on my part, and I am not thinking too swiftly lately.

I have found that since being unemployed, I read a lot later at night. I have always tried to read at least 1-2 hours every night lying down, snuggy in my bed, and relaxed into the moment. I can always, always count on Baby wanting a Love session as soon as the lights go out. So usually I finish reading, turn out the lights, and have my lovey session. Well, if the book is good, I suddenly look at the clock and it's almost midnight. Baby gives up on the light idea around 11p.m. She just wants her Love session right then and no other time. So that delays my reading, and then I have to read just a little more, and a little more, and then it's 1:30am.

So grumpy me in the mornings. Some mornings-like this morning-I am really disoriented to the day of the week. I was reading The Knitting Circle last night, and I was boo-hooing and snuffling. Baby came over and bit my finger. But I stayed up until 1:45 a.m. reading it to finish it. People have told me it is not all that good. I have read a lot of knitting cozy mysteries, and I had to read Friday Night Knit Club just because of the Julia Roberts thing. But I thought this book was a good read. Although it seemed to take forever to resolve the problem. I would recommend it to most of the light readers out there. If you are a heavy thinker reader, this would not be all that good. It would seem like fluff to you. But I like light reading to distract me, just like I like to knit socks to distract me. I don't always want to knit the complicated patterns found out there. Sometimes a plain ole sock works just fine.

Anyway, I have found out I am a whiny baby. I try the stuff like, "Just get over it!", "Pull up your big girl panties, and move on!", or "Get off your pity pot." But this no job thing is really hard on me. But then I find out about people like Anne Modesett and her husband's problems. Or anyone else out there in blog land who have worse trouble.

My solution today was to clean both bathrooms really clean, try out some new dye colors, spin a little, listen to podcasts, and that's it until now. I guess I have to keep moving. I have the drum carder cleaned so I can card a little wool too.

Oops! It's time to feed all the animals. I'm surprised that the cats have not come in yet. Buddy will be standing in his stall waiting. He is really a patient old horse, but he has a raspberry rumbling noise he makes when he is disgruntled. Until next time.

If you have the ability to help her, go to Anne Modesett's web page.

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