Saturday, August 4, 2007

It Is Definitely August!

The heat was turned on, and it has stayed on. I am now watering my plants. But no matter how much I water, there is no substitute for a good rain. At least the grass is brown and I don't have to mow.

I am going to put the mitres away for a while. I am now having dreams about mitres. Night before last I dreamed I was in a contest and had to knit a 4" square in any pattern I wanted to do. Time wasn't important, but design and originality were the key components of the guidelines. I was trying to design a 4" square with different mitres, and was trying to do the math. I was bogging down with "If I can knit a 2" square in x minutes, then I can do this in x minutes." Somewhere there were 48, half of which was 24. Where that came from, I don't know. Last night it was just mitres and mitres and mitres. Looking at colors, knitting, looking at colors, knitting. Time to move onto one of the UFOs.

I did finish sock #1, and I am knitting the cuff for sock #2. I also have the green scarf to finish. So either of those two will do in the heat. Just get something done. The damn mitres will take forever to finish, and I have only done 3 rows. I will try to figure out a way to photo them to show you.

I have a job interview today. Yes, I know it is Saturday, but she wanted to know if I wanted to come today or Monday. Of course, I said Saturday. So I am sitting here with wet hair, waiting for it to dry enough to put up. My usual hairdo for interviews is a bun. It is too overwhelming to see an old lady in a long braid down her back.

I got up early to watch my quilt shows. But, wouldn't you know it, this is the time for our local PBS people to beg for money. I know how necessary it is, but it is annoying. They show the same old shows over and over. I love PBS, but I find the begging annoying. And the "specials" are always the same ones they have shown for the last three years or longer. Lest someone screams at me for not supporting PBS, I will not say another thing. I just miss that I can't see my quilt show at 7:30am.

Well, time to iron the clothes and try to put myself together.

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Covered In Yarn said...

The heat is overwhelming here also, but at least I have the ocean to seek some sort of solace. That shirt below is a riot, I think that I need one!!! It cracks me up. Miss you, love you!!!!