Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I finished a cute little teeny baby hat for our Knitting for Noggins charity. It is a drive to provide hats for the children at the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. I took a picture of one of my teddy bears wearing it. The teddy bear wearing his bright red cardigan I made a long time ago. No- you will not get to see it this post. For some reason my computer will not talk to my camera. They are not compatible this morning.

Maybe there is a message here. My streams of consciousness is active today. I woke from a dream state early this a.m. with the loud conversation of two hawks and one crow outside the bedroom window. The hawks were trying to convince Crow that they were only there temporarily looking for a quick breakfast, and then they would move on. But Crow was not going to listen. He just shrilly kept telling them to "Get Out Of Here!" I sleepily walked to the front door and stepped outside to see what was going on. They finally worked it out somehow.

This dis-communication seems to be all around me today. I decided to just sit outside in the coolness of the very early morning and spin. It was really nice to just sit and spin, listening to the bugs and hummingbirds, and the occasional songbird sounds. The hummingbirds were a little concerned about the spinning wheel. The cutest thing was one sat on its teeny perch at the feeder and made a few squeaky noises. Then it would slurp some syrup; then make squeaky noises; then slurp some more. I've never seen this behavior before.

So I came in to fix something to eat and read a little bit. The power just did a surge of three tries before staying on. Some communication thing there too. I haven't even turned on the a/c today, so who knows what will happen when I do that.

I had good intentions of today being the day to clean up the fallen boxes in the storage room. Noodles comes in at night revved up and roaring. He runs through, jumping on places he is not supposed to, and never slows down. He chirples the whole time. He knocked over three large plastic storage boxes, the lids popped off, and stuff is strewn everywhere. I have to clean up the mess before it gets really hot. That's why it is still there. Well, as Scarlett would say, tomorrow is another day!

I am going to teach a dye workshop at the LYS this Fall. I am thinking of a class of Knitting with Handspun. It is an observation that many people are learning to knit by reading the pattern and buying the yarn called for. Most yarn shops do not have the exact yarn and substitution is called for. But then one has to know what it means when it calls for DK or Worsted Weight, etc.
Most people stick to the rules and follow the patterns exactly. Well, with handspun yarn all bets are off. One has to know how to measure, how to swatch, how to plug in the numbers in a formula to figure out how many stitches are needed to cast on, etc. One has to understand that yarn and how it will work once knitted. There are countless books available explaining this practise. sell my handspun yarn in the LYS, I think a simple class would be beneficial to show people how lovely and how creative it is to knit something in handspun yarn.

But then, maybe this is a class that needs to be expanded to everyone that knits. Everyone needs to know how to swatch, how to measure, how to do the math. How many of us go through our stash and find a yarn without a label? The LABEL that tells you what gauge, what needle size, etc. I know several of my German friends tell me that they do not have patterns there like we do. Their tradition is oral and passed around patterns. They just knit freely without the constraints that we put on ourselves.

Anyway, I have communicated all I can communicate today. This is another of those days that I guess the message will reveal itself in its own time. I just wish I could figure out how to get the computer and camera happy again. Sigh! Some things are beyond my understanding.

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