Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You Knit! I'll Drive!


At the place where I work, a lady wanted to learn to knit socks. So another lady there said she would teach her. I am in and out all day, and could not do it. The poor thing(the teacher) brought in some worsted weight acrylic and size 10 or 10.5 needles! So the student cast on, and started knitting per instructions. She decided to make her grandson-age 17-some house socks as a practise on her first time at socks. Today she followed me into the bathroom, and quietly pulled this mess out of her Walmart sack. She was almost crying. "Look! They are Huge. It will never do." So I dug through the bag and found some size 6 double points. I suggested she make a swatch and I would help her with the math, and we can make a reasonable size pair of socks. If acrylic is reasonable. So she rode in my van the rest of the afternoon, and I gave her instructions as she progressed on her swatch. I instructed her how to take his measurements, and tomorrow I will figure out the math part. I have never given instructions while driving in traffic in a 12-passenger van!

It rained all day, and it was a pleasant Fall-ish, female rain that fell softly and nurturing. On the drive home, there were huge fluffy white clouds high in the atmosphere. But close down there were wispy clouds that were brownish gray-lighter than smoke. I was reminded that my grandmother told me that clouds have to rest sometimes. That's when you see them sitting on the mountainsides. It was such a beautiful drive home into the mountains. The sky was clearing to the west, and bright blue. The high today was 74 degrees.

The animals were eagerly waiting for their dinners. Buddy trotted in after the truck into the yard. He followed me to the door. As soon as I told him to go to the barn, he trotted that way. The cats are beginning to eat a little more than before. So I don't think it is too early to say things are changing. We still have to go through the heat of September, but there is definitely a difference in the way things feel.

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Covered In Yarn said...

That sounds like a tragic knitting accident! My sock math is terrible, I need help myself. I have one completed sock and the other one is waiting on someone to straighten out my math...I feel stupid, but if I understood the basics I think that would be good.

Your discription of your drive is beautiful. Arkansas rain...I miss it, it hasn't rained here at all.