Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Show Me The Money!

For some stupid reason my employer cannot direct deposit my pay check. Which means I have to wait until it is delivered by mail. And you know I live in a rural area on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere? OK, I do exaggerate, but seriously, my postman sometimes does not deliver on Saturdays. So finally I got my paycheck today. I was really considering being ugly at work tomorrow, but darn! now I just have to be myself! This whole job has a lot of negativity, and I am trying not to focus on it. But I do want to get a paycheck!

I tried to get a sunset picture the other day as I came home. It was so gorgeous. We finally got a tiny little rain this past weekend, and last night a HUGE front moved through with a LOT of rain. It is so pretty in the mountains with the fog and mist moving through the trees. I have to come out of the mountains and get to a freeway to go into the city to work. I turned the corner and there was a huge fog covering the little town I live near and above it was clear sky. Really bizarre. I guess Stephen King gets his ideas from moments like this. My little dinky camera cannot capture visions like that!

I am decreasing the toe on sock #2. I really piddled along this summer on this pair of socks. I actually got tired of them because I took too long to finish them. I am going to finish the shrug next. I am casting on for the sleeves now. I am really into thinking about Christmas knitting now. I have to finish the shrug before it really gets cold. I will be truly pleased to have finished projects.

I found a cute book at the library, Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy. He uses store bought socks to make really weird, ugly, cute sock creatures. I see a potential for some of my felted sweaters I bought at thrift stores.

Well, I am yawning really big. Time to stretch, read, and sleep, sleep, sleep. I have to get up an hour early tomorrow to help serve breakfast to stupid bikers in town for Bikes, Blues, and Bar-b-que. Our center is offering breakfast as a fund-raiser. I hate crowds, I hate noise, I hate stupid things like biker events. Of course, I do make exceptions for wool festivals. But even then, I go in quickly, look around quickly, make my purchases, and get out quickly. I never linger too long. I can stand for extremely long times in a yarn store, but if there is a crowd, I'm outa there. Miss Sociable 2007, that's me!

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Covered In Yarn said...

I hope you're doing well...I miss you ooodles!