Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is It Spring? It Feels Like It!

Well-here's the wool I dyed, and it did not come out this blue. It is more a light green turquoise color. I am thinking of blending it with another color-maybe golden yellow-maybe something else. Any ideas?

Here are my little bird ornament and my pincushion from the new book. Easy, Easy, Easy.

And here is a beautiful yellow angel trumpet bush. I was driving through a neighborhood, jumped out of the van, snapped a shot, and quickly sped away. I didn't see the one next to it until a few days later. It is a pale pink, white, heathery color. Beautiful is the only adjective that comes to mind right now.

It has been Spring-like all day. Weird weather. We have had tornado threats around us. Some rain. Lots of threats of bad weather.

Just wanted to brighten up the blog some with these photos. News later.

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