Friday, October 12, 2007

Please Tell Me It's The Weekend!!

I have had it this week. I told you about the goofy Wednesday. Yesterday I looked everywhere in my truck for my house keys. I keep them separate from the vehicle keys. No where. I let myself into the back door, after going through all the head high weed patches and briers. I had more stick tights on me than I ever have had. And right there on the washing machine was my ring of house keys. Now-I have to admit in public that I am obsessively methodical about keys, knives, and other such items. I keep them in the same place all the time. I keep the keys on a little thing right at the door. So when I grab one, I grab the other. I do not ever, ever, lay them on the washing machine.

O.K. Today is Friday-at last. I run into the grocery store while I am waiting on my client to finish her shopping. I open my little zippered pouch to get my debit card. No debit card. I am also very methodical (although not as obsessively) about how I handle my debit card, my credit card, and my driver's license. I did not panic. But as soon as I returned to my place of employment, I tore up my purse and my truck looking for both my debit card and my driver's license. I was doing mental subtraction to the time last used, etc. I found them in the bottom of my tote bag I carry when I work. I don't carry my purse; it is locked in my vehicle (yes, out of sight). Now how did they get to the bottom of the tote bag?

Sigh! It has been a week of weird things!

Tomorrow my friend CJ is coming over and her new little protege and her mom will drive up from down south of us. We are going to knit and spin and eat and have fiber fun! I can hardly wait. It is just nice to have someone to talk fiber stuff to. Will report all that on Monday.

I am going to bed, providing I can find the bed after all I have been through. I hope the Little People didn't booby trap it somehow. I am very sleepy.

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