Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hooray! Hooray! It's A Beautiful Day! It's Saturday!

This has got to be the prettiest little tree in the parking lot! It is a bright, bright red!

This is what I saw driving to the spinning group meeting this morning! I used to paint, and my favorite subject was old, old barns. I began taking pictures of them as I would find them. Sadly, many of them are gone now. Only memories. As you can tell, the road has expanded to almost touching it. There is another outbuilding that I didn't get to snap. Maybe next time. These are at the bottom of the hill, the house is on top of the hill. The road down is very, very steep. I would have hated to be the one who had to go down to the barn to milk the cow(s), feed the livestock, and put the chickens up for the night. Those were the days, huh? Lot of work to do by lantern light.

This is the inspector general making sure that the quality of fleece that goes into the house is up to par. And Boy-oh-Boy! This is fine alpaca. I bought it from Bill Shaddox of Ozark Mountain Alpaca Farm. I meant to get a link. You can find them by going to Alpaca Nation, and then linking to them. They are the only one who has Ozark in the name. The name of the alpaca is Evening Sonata. He told me there are two kinds of black in alpacas- bayblack and trueblack. This is bayblack. But it sure is PURTY! He had his vehicle loaded with fleeces-it's another name in alpaca language, but I can't remember. Is it prime something? I can't remember. They don't call them fleeces-that's sheep. Boy! I am tired when I ramble!
Anyway, I went to the spinning group meeting and it was nice. I am not a group person, and it was okay. I did re-acquaint myself with someone that I haven't seen in twenty-something years. My friend CJ was there with her mother and a friend of her mother's . Afterwards the four of us went to a little tiny restaurant to eat Mexican food.
But the day has been windy and warm. Sunny all day. I mentioned in the last entry that there were tornado warnings. I know everyone has seen the news of the storms. Boy! It was something. I have a friend in California who emailed me immediately after she saw the news. The weather guys all say a major cold front is coming next week-highs in the 50's. And wet! So I guess I will put the storm doors up.
I mentioned that my girlfriend's daughter bought a house. Well, I went over there yesterday after work. It is gorgeous! It is fun to see how proud my girlfriend is of everything. She was showing off the closets and cabinets and showing me the washer and dryer. I guess children never have any privacy from their parents. But this young woman is one of those who line up everything in the closet, and has everything organized. She is just moving in. Nothing out of place. I guess I would have a neat house if I didn't do any crafty stuff. But I like my stuff spread out and accessible. Not that I need to make excuses for the mess. I am not a neat person.
Got to find something to eat. Later.

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