Saturday, October 6, 2007

What a Beautiful Day This Saturday Is!!

Well, these are Men's Plain Socks in the 1940's sock booklet I used. I never really use a pattern on plain socks, but I refer to it. They were boring because I took way too long to knit them. Instead of just getting it done, I put them away for some time during the summer heat. Then I would work a little bit more. Then I would put them away.

What I've noticed in the podcasts and in scanning the blogs - people are getting into knitting after the summer slump. Maybe we should just have a moratorium on knitting in the summer months. In my knitting group there is a frenzy of people trying to get Christmas projects going and finished. I always need a carry-along something, so I started a washcloth out of EuroFlax. That's part of my Christmas knitting, plus I don't have to think about it. It's small enough to just stick in my purse. I want to start the red socks for my friend's grandson, but I need to measure his footies. My friend supposedly measured and said his foot was 7" long. Well, that's pretty HUGE for a 3 year old!

The hawks have been really vocal in the early a.m. Of course, we have a lot of crows here, and they were calling in the rain. So I went to investigate the one bird noise I did not recognize easily. It was a Gray Catbird hopping around the briar patch outside the back door. It looked as if he had on a bad black toupee. The bluebirds are really active in the birdbath in the late afternoon. They have a heirarchy of who gets there first, and please don't take so long in the water! They are lined up waiting.

Nothing else to report. I refused to do anything today. I did some writing, but that's it. I did not work on any job type activities. I did not knit. I did not read. I rested. I wanted to really clean my house, but I still haven't done that.

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