Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You Mean It's Only Wednesday? Are You Sure?

I woke up this morning and was sure it was Thursday. I was discombobulated all day. I missed two turn offs while driving, and had to go a long way around to get back to where I needed to be. And I decided to try a different route out of one clinic, and ended up behind the hospital at the loading docks on a very narrow curved drive with vehicles parked on the side. I had to back a 12 passenger van all the way out of the mess I had gotten myself into. Whew! I was still sure at the end of the day it was Thursday. Wahhahh! Enough whining.

Okay, this is gross. I have periodically smelled that cat smell that I can't stand in other people's houses in my house. I attributed it to visiting feral cats under the house spraying, and the smell comes up into the house. Well......tonight I caught Mz. Baby backing up to a doorway, lifting her tail, and shaking her booty! Boy! I swatted her hard enough to knock a little sense into her. Then I scrubbed the door, walls, carpeting, and furniture nearby. It made me really mad! I have seen Noodles spraying outside on bushes, etc. I was not expecting Ms. Twit to do it in the house. Boy! What a deal.

I once had a female cat that hated me so badly that she would pee into my shoes, filling them to the brim. My husband thought that was so funny, and laughed. I, of course, threw the shoes out. I once got home from work, and she immediately sprayed each of the four tires. My vet thought it was funny, too, and assured me female cats do spray and there is nothing wrong with their bladders-like an infection. I was really mad then, too!

So now I am going to rent a steam cleaner and do the carpets really good before the close-the-window time comes. Then I guess I am going to do a sniff test around different places. This is just way beyond my patience.

And after all the drama of cleaning and yelling, etc., I turn around and Noodles had brought me a dead mouse and placed it right behind me. Some peace-maker, huh?

I was really proud of my Monday night student. At work she brought her wash cloth she is making-all knit stitches. She is really doing well, and only made one little boo-boo that I could see. Next week-onward to purl stitch and learning how to read a pattern.

I am yawning. I guess tomorrow really is Thursday. Finally.

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