Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Arggh! I Hate Blogspot Some Days!

I tried and tried to upload my photos. No go. I tried different discs; still no go. ARGGHH! However you spell that without using profanity!

Anyway, I dyed 4 ozs of wool roving with my blue. Yeah! I was so excited. You know how I have been wanting to do this-right? Well, it is not robin's egg blue, or sky blue in the wintertime blue, or any shade of blue. It is a pale green turquoise. Weird! Really weird! I think it will be luscious when spun, but I think I am going to blend it with some other colors. But not sure what. I have some natural dyed yellows and golds. Hmm! Maybe.

So that's gotten that out of my system. Even Kool Aid is not a predictable dye that can be duplicated easily. Weird! Really weird!

Last night a woman from my job and her granddaughter came to the LYS for me to show them how to knit. I taught them how to do the knit stitch. I told them I show them the basic stitches and how to read a pattern. But I really encouraged them to take a class. I have to promote the classes.

I am really bummed out about my stupid transportation device. My poor pickup truck needed new brakes-badly. But I was unable to do anything about it last week. I had to do something yesterday, not tomorrow. So today I paid really big bucks to get new front brakes and rotors. I was not a happy camper. And when I handed him the credit card, he said, "You really need to get new front tires immediately." Sigh! Immediately. Evidently there is a problem that has wires coming through on the inside where I can't see it. I don't mean the inside of the tire, but on the inside of the car next to the engine. As opposed to the outside where the valve stem, etc is. Just great! Just frigging great! And- then he tells me I should get new shocks also. His professional opinion is the yucky shocks are what caused the uneven wearing on the tires. SIGH!

So on a happier note-it is really cool at night. With the windows open, I am able to wear my light-weight flannel jammie bottoms. This morning was a beautiful foggy morning. It was so gorgeous! And as the fog lifted, all the spider webs were coated in moisture. It was just visually exciting! I cannot seem to get decent pictures, but I did try. And anyway, I can't upload any pics on this stupid blog.

Well-time to go to bed. Baby is already there and asleep. She will have to move, but she will only do so reluctantly.

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