Saturday, June 23, 2007

What a Week!

These are some photos of the baby foxes taken through a screen window or door. I watched them for an hour as they played in the pasture. They are cute, but I know they will be as big a nuisance as the adults as they grow up.

I have had a week! I have applied for 6 or 7 jobs, and have gotten no call-backs. One of the
jobs I did do a follow-up call. The people were very rude and disapproving-as if I was being
very pushy! Now I am feeling very old, rejected, and really depressed. On top of that, I have two friends that have called me daily for some weeks wanting to know if I have a job yet. Then they give me advice and more advice on how to get a job. I finally snapped at one of them this week. I think she is really mad, since she has not called or talked to me since. I left a message on her answering machine-which means she is monitoring her calls.

A childhood friend of mine that lives in a nearby town came by yesterday to help sew my quilt top. I am very slow and precise and it has taken me forever to sew the four-squares. She sat down and just whipped those out. And then she helped sew some more of the blocks. She was very fast and helped me tremendously. I did not feel like sewing for such a long period of time, but she said, "We have a quilt to finish. We have to sew some more." So what a good friend to have. I wanted her to come by for a different reason, and that was to give her her sock yarn for her birthday present. And I fixed us lunch, which we ate outside with the hummingbirds. And the cats. Noodles sat on one side of the table watching carefully for the sign that we were finished. Then I put a little bit of lasagna on my plate for him. He was most grateful! Sarah and I had a good time, laughing about childhood memories, and talked a lot about our parents and grandparents. We enjoyed the day.

I finished the pink thing, and am I disgusted. Another one of those messes. I tried it on, and the straps kept falling off my shoulders. After some different pinnings of the straps, I finally realized that this was never going to fit my shoulders. I have very narrow shoulders, which I did not take into account as I was blissfully knitting along trying to finish the damn thing! I finally laid it out on the floor and stood back and looked at it. I immediately sewed the straps on the back, and threw it on the couch. I have a person in mind for this. She is the daughter of a friend of mine. She is six feet tall, and has very broad shoulders. Carol had to redo the shoulders on the sweater she made for her last year. So much for pink thing!

I have done very little knitting this week. I knit some rows on the green scarf and on the #1 sock, but little progress. I can at least say now that I did get something accomplished with my quilt top. I have read 3 books, though, if that counts for anything. I got most of my yard mowed, in between rainy days.

We had a strange Monday night group this past Monday. I went a little bit early- I had been applying for jobs! My friend Barbara came in so I could show her how to get started on a wash cloth. Tracy came with a FANTABULOUS quilt. Really bright and happy! Sue was there just briefly before she had to go to a meeting. Then this whole group of people that Tracy and I did not know, but I think were from a class. So we were really crowded and had to get some folding chairs from the closet. Paul came in a little later, and I had to leave to feed Buddy and the cats. I had a sack of horse feed in the truck, and I needed to get it to the barn before another rain came.

I will leave with this photo of my only sunflower plant to survive the deer and rabbits. It was a gift that came up in one of my planters by the door. I stood over it to get the full flower. The bee wouldn't wait for me to focus. I absolutely love sunflowers, and I am always upset that the deer and rabbits love the new plants more than any other plant around. So I was thrilled that this gift was given to me and that now I can enjoy it by my door. Isn't it luverly? Luverly! Luverly!

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen a fox in real life before! Only in fake life. However, I have seen a road runner?