Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Word of the Day!

I have been one of those nerdy folks that love to collect words of the day. Lately I haven't paid any attention to my quirk, but today I was listening to PBS. Every Sunday I listen to the morning shows, and I do other things like spin or sew. I perked up when the lady on the radio was talking about the word collocate. She gave all kinds of wordy stuff about the meaning and what happens when you add a different prefix to locate. Well, I loved the sound of the word. I did not care about the meaning, but the sound was my attraction. So now I guess I will think about how words sound. Is that weird or what? Oh-when I was looking up the word on the internet, there was a site that had the pronunciation of the word. It did not sound as good when the computer guy said the word.

It is the most glorious morning. It is warm, but breezy in the shade. It is quiet with just the sounds of the birds. I did hear a tractor go by earlier. Even the hummingbirds are quiet right now. I love morning, but really early morning is my favorite. It is late morning now, and it is beginning to warm up. It feels clean after all the rain. There is a scent of some animal on the breeze, but very faint.

I really didn't have a lot to say today, but I did want to talk about collocate. I know it is weird, but I do like the sound of the word. The meaning is stupid; it doesn't really go with the sound.

Have a great Sunday! It is so beautiful outside here, and I hope your little piece of the world is as beautiful! Enjoy the day!

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