Sunday, June 3, 2007


Well, here is the beginning of my new project.
I couldn't help myself. I saw this project on a few blog sites, and found that there is a knit-a-long for this scarf out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I don't belong to the group, but I am knitting the scarf anyway. I like the pattern, and I like the idea of using sock-weight yarns.

I took the picture outside, thinking I would get a better color presentation. WRONG! The green row is a sock yarn by Wildfoote, colorway Desert Grass. It has a bright green, a yellow, and a light, sagey green mixture. I really didn't want a pair of socks out of it, but it was in my sock basket. The multi color rows is a one-ply yarn I picked up at some wool festival a million years ago, and it was in the bottom of my sock basket. Because of the difference in yarns, it will have to be blocked out to look right.

I couldn't decide if I really liked the colors together, but already have named it Summer Gardens. It is a really easy pattern and works up pretty fast. But onto the back burner until I get Pinky finished. I am SOOOOOO close now. I am on the home stretch.

I am truly a Process knitter. I see something, and I decide I want to try it. I get itchy wanting to try it. Then I finally break down and start looking at yarns. I lay out different colorways and types of yarns. Then I start the project. Once I get going, I sigh and relax. It is very calming starting something new. Then somewhere in there, I fall out of love with the product. I usually finish the project. If I can't live with it, into the give-a-way box it goes.

Socks are not usually that way, but occasionally I get a sock from HELL and I give it away. The last pair of those were the pink ones. I must have started the first sock three times. When finished, I noticed one of the toe decreases had a "run" from a dropped stitch. Ripped it out, reknit it. Then a friend says, " One of your socks is shorter than the other." SIGH! So rip again, and reknit. After all that, there was some kind of hole on one of the toe decreases, but not a dropped stitch. So-- I sewed it up. Worked like a charm. My friend was very thankful to get them. She loves pink.

Neighbors (friends) came over for potluck Friday night with our Share the Garden project. John cooked chicken on the grill while I stir-fried a big batch of fresh veggies from the gardens. I had plenty of leftover broccoli and early peas, so I blanched them the next morning and put in the freezer. It was fun, but my gosh!, don't people want to go home? I am not a party person, and when it got dark outside, that's it. Everyone go home. No---- they wanted to chat more. I finally got them to the cars and we stood out by the cars until I finally said good night and closed my gate to the yard. They only stayed a little longer.

I guess it's off to bed with my newest novel. Our little library got a new book called Beautiful Knitting, which I have been looking at. It is another techniques and patterns book, and I have never seen it reviewed before. But it is really a nice book. So will say goodnight.

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