Monday, June 11, 2007


Well, Linda Jo tagged me, but unfortunately, I do not have a clue how to do this stuff. And I do not know any other bloggers, except for she and Carrie, and oh, Bea. And Linda Jo tagged them. So I guess if anyone reads this, you are tagged. Sorry, I don't know how to play well. I can give you seven random things easily, but it's not weird or anything.
1. I love puzzles, mostly jigsaw, crossword, and sometimes soduku. I am mathematically challenged, and use my right-side brain more, but I do like the puzzles.
2. I love to read cozy mysteries. But I really like mysteries of any kind. I do like to read suspense novels, but not the icky, scary, weird, cut-them-up and stash the pieces kind of suspense.
3. I guess because of something quirky in my brain, I get into messes and try to figure out how to get out of them.
4. I used to be a member of a rowing club. It was the adult version of college rowers gone bad. But I was not a college rower. I joined after I took lessons. I ended my infamous career as a rower by signing up for a Master Rowers camp at Harvard for one week. I worked for several months to toughen up and get my strokes down. One- I am an emotional weenie when someone yells at me-as in drill sergeant. And after 4 days, I was done emotionally. So I escaped on lunch break and found the nearest yarn shop in Harvard square. I guess they are used to seeing people in rowing clothes-not a pretty sight-and not a pretty smell. I finished out my week and we even had a regatta in a hurricane-really! I went home, taught rowing classes through the summer, and that was it.
5. I once went on an 8 day canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness with a group of handicapped people. The organization that I went with paired able-bodied with unable-bodied, and we had a blast. I worked for 3 months on upper body strengthening, since I was the oldest person on the trip- 41 years old! I didn't want to look bad in front of the youngsters.
6. I used to do trail maintenance on hiking trails. I designed a handicapped trail for the Arkansas State park system. After presenting my proposal and acceptance of my proposal, I organized volunteers to build the trail. We spent over 800 volunteer hours on weekends only.
7. I used to be a member of the Wilderness Medicine Association. I took seminars, and was intrigued with the avalanche stuff. Since we don't have avalanches in Arkansas, it was fun to listen to. I enjoy listening to experts talking about "reading snow". Yeah, right. I know enough to stay on the cross country ski trail. But I am not some hot-dogger who wanders off the trails.
And I do not climb mountains-as in the weirdos who get stranded on Mt. Hood all the time. No offense to their loved ones left behind. But it costs a phenomenal amount of money to rescue folks that do things that they are told not to do. I have talked to numerous rescuers from the Grand Tetons. They seem to be quite busy with rescuing folks that go when told not to go.

So I guess that's it. I am sorry to not play well. But I am new to this game stuff. Thanks for tagging me anyway. See ya tonight!

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