Friday, June 15, 2007

A Miscellaneous Day!

This morning I had the dueling hummingbirds to listen to at breakfast. It is so amazing how such a tiny bird can make such a loud rotor-motor sound. One lit on the feeder near me, and drank for a good while. Then he went to a tree nearby to guard the feeder. Later I heard two different rotors going. I saw a small hummingbird darting around the echinacea, while the bigger bird was trying to get him or her. If it wasn't such a serious thing to them and wasn't so disrespectful, it appeared rather humorous to see this tiny bird darting and hiding in the tall stems of the echinacea.

This yellow flower is a cactus. Isn't it amazing how pure the color is? Yes, when you dye with flowers, you most often will get a yellow color. It is very difficult to get a pure yellow; it often is muddied with something magical that happens in the dyepot. I remember a few times getting the most magical color of yellow, that was just ethereal in the light. But I can never duplicate nature. I attended a weaving class some years ago with a visiting instructor. She was telling us how amazed she was as she was approaching Little Rock, and she looked out the window of the airplane. There were so many different shades of green, and it opened a new thought of color for her. She showed us slides of various things she saw, and that opened a new door for me. She showed cracks in sidewalks, lichens on rocks, and shadows. They were design ideas, but also shows the colors that can be seen in even the smallest of places.
Which brings us to the moth on the screen yesterday. It would open it's wings in a ritualistic way as the sun shown. I tried to get a picture of the patterns in
the wings. But it came out a tiny bit blurry. Again not only the
colors are to be seen, but the patterns.

These eggs were given by a neighbor. They are double-yoked, and are bigger than the average egg.
In art class we used to draw eggs in different light and positions. It is one of the most difficult things to draw. Try it some time.
A friend I haven't seen in years came by this week. She wants to learn to quilt, and she asked if I could show her how to get started on knitting again. I showed her cast on, knit, and purl, and she did just fine. Her muscles remember what to do, but her brain is getting in the way. She called yesterday and told me she couldn't remember how to cast on when she got home. She also is not happy with the yarn she has, and I told her to come to our Monday Night Knit Group. And I think she will enjoy that. She is retiring in stages. She works one week, off the next. It is scary to her, but she is enjoying the free time. So another sheep comes back to the fold! I told her I do not quilt, I just piece the tops. She thought that was a wise thing to do too. She used to be an excellent seamstress, and did sewing for her home and children, and herself.
Our LYS is getting in new yarns since TNNA. Whew! I've got to find a job soon. It is just too tempting when you see the new stuff. I don't need anything, but who cares? My friend said I have too many projects going on. Is there such a thing?
I think the potatoes are done. I am making potato salad. What else do you do with potatoes and onion from the garden? And fresh eggs.

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