Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

This was Father's Day. My dad died in 1977 at the age of 52. He had a massive heart attack after working in his tomato patch. He had sat down with a beer. My brother was laying on the couch reading. He looked over and our dad was pouring beer all over himself and his head back.
When my brother leaped up, my dad suddenly came to, and looked at his watch. He jumped up and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! I've got to start supper. I didn't know it was so late." And then he fell down dead. What a way to go..... a beer in your hand and sweaty from working in your garden. But I did not relate this story to be morbid, or to take away from all the awesome dads in the world. I just want you to love your dad and take care of him while you can. The nicest things my childhood friends said to me were "Your dad was always there for us. He would drop everything to play with us, or to just talk to us." and "Your dad taught us all how to dance when we were really little." Also, when my dad's mother died, she told me, "You were a good daughter to your father." I thought that was a good thing to say.

Anyway, I knit on socks today. I am determined to not go overboard and start something new. I am going to finish one sock before I start on the Harry Potter bookmarks. I also want to make some more children's caps for our charity we have here- Knitting for Noggins. These are summertime projects. I have laid aside the shrug until later in the summer. I do want it for this Fall, but it is too hot right now.

I finished another skein of llama while listening to podcasts. I washed it, and it went on the blocker outside. It was almost dry when the thunderstorm blew through. So it will overnight on the blocker outside.

I have been reading my cozy mysteries-usually one a day. But I slowed down on the last two. I end up staying up so late to just figure out what is going to happen. I haven't been able to knit and read at the same time. I did have a print that showed a young girl spinning at her wheel and reading a book. My husband gave it to me one year. The frame broke one day, and the print was damaged when it fell on the floor. But I was never able to do that either.

Anyway- a new week begins. The summer solstice is approaching. And it is still cool here in the 80's. I keep thinking that the 90's will be here soon. I know once they do get here, the 100's are right behind them. There is nothing like 102 degrees and 100% humidity to wilt your shorts!

Remember when you were a kid, and you thought summer would last forever. And then when school started it was still hot. And then when Fall finally arrived, you were just sick of the heat.
Oh-our schools were not air conditioned. The heat was from radiators. No-I will not go into one of those stupid lines about "when I was your age" schtick!

I finally got to see Abe Lincoln knitting on the bus sitting next to the beaver. Friends have told me all about it. Of course, if you watch, it appears that he is knitting continental. But he never really makes a stitch. At least, I did not see him pick one. Oh, well- did they ask me? I can't stand the lady on the bus for Aleve or something, or the lady sitting in her home knitting slippers. That are huge (the slippers)-by the way. One of the Monday Night Knitting Group ladies made the comment about that one. She saw it and yelled at the t.v., "Well, if you didn't use that great big yarn and those ridiculous set of needles, your hands wouldn't hurt." Her husband just sighed and kept his mouth closed.

Well, time for me to go see what Ella Clah is doing about the murder. Talk to you later.

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Susan Hall said...

Julianne, I just entered "cozyknitting" in the search box, and went right to your blog. Go figure. Fun! I enjoy your blog already. Susan