Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just A Plain Day!

This hollyhock was the palest, shell pink last year. This color in the photo is dull, but the color is a deep pink. What a mystery flowers can be.
And just a plain ole day lilly. But look at the colorway in this photo. There are at least 4 oranges, yellows, and 2-3 greens. What a delight color is!

We had a good Monday Night Knit Group last night. It was Colleen's b-day celebration night. Cynthia brought some brie with some wonderful crackers. Then Linda came in with a homemade lemon meringue pie. Yummy! She apologized because she did not have enough corn starch, so she had to use flour. She felt it was too pasty. We loved it. It was great.

We had a discussion about the upcoming July 20 Harry Potter party at the Barnes and Nobles and another independent bookstore in town. They want knitters there knitting stuff from Charmed Knits. We had a really animated discussion about this. Jane bought the book and went home to study it. I think the discussion was we would make some scarves, or caps, and offer them as raffle prizes. But we can make the bookmarks as give-a-ways. Jane thinks she can make some snitch balls with some yarn in her stash. Anyway, it was an animated discussion.

I got another rejection email for employment. I am old-fashioned, I guess. I am not very good at this interview with voice recognition over the phone, and sending stuff email. I like to interview in person, and I can watch the person I am talking to. Not very good grammar, I know. But I guess I will just keep plugging away. It is very depressing to be constantly rejected. And you never get to talk to a real person.

Colleen and Joy-owners of Handheld Knitting-(our LYS) just got back from TNA last weekend. They were jazzed. I guess it can be too stimulating to be in a vast ocean of yarns, vendors, and stuff. They brought back little give-a-ways for us. That was nice. They ordered some new yarns, which we are dying to see already. They want me to do a dye workshop, since they got to dye some with Louet with Gaywool dyes. They also ordered Wild Fibers, the magazine. They met Ms. Wildfiber, and Colleen wants to be just like her when she grows up. Yeah, well, first she and her husband have to get the daughter in college and away from home. Then, she has to wait until both kids get through college. Then she can think about being Ms. Wildfiber II.

But like I said, this is just a plain ole day. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Have a good plain old day and I will talk to you later.

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