Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Big Prize!

Well, I have waited a long, long time to get this prize. I went to a yard sale on my way home today. It was an older couple that buy stuff periodically and have a huge sale twice a year. Well, here it is! My dream come true! I have wanted a really heavy duty roaster with the temps on the gauge. I know I could have gotten one of the wimpy ones at Wal-Mart that say Hi or Lo on the temps. But this one is a gem! It was bought from a couple of older women who thought it would help them economically on cooking. They used it once. And then they sold it. Said it was too heavy and hard to clean because of its bulk and weight. It really weighs a lot-heavy, heavy. Temps go from 150 to 450 degrees. My dyeing dream has been answered. I can now steam and cook dyes to my hearts content. The crock pots only hold a small amount. This is an eighteen quart model. I am so excited!!! Can you tell I am excited?!!

Last night was the night that I decided to start unloading a trunk FULL of photos and memorabilia from my grandmother and great-grandmother on my father's side. Of course, there is the baby book for my father, the christening gown and cap, the report cards, the little drawings, the letters he wrote to different folks. Even his war letters from Europe. The last entry in his baby book, my grandmother wrote the day he enlisted and the day he was deployed. Sniff!

But my great-grandmother traveled all over the world. I have passports, travel diaries, ship memorabilia, and photos, photos, photos. Most of the photos are unknown people. This has been the only way I have found some of my genealogy is from reading letters or seeing someone's picture that actually has something written on it. I'm telling you, this family never throws anything away. I even found the sales slip for one of the oriental rugs in my house! Most of the sales slips are from items long gone.

I am trying to decide how to organize this stuff. I did send a packet of photos to the Tulsa Historical Society of some parade in Tulsa, who knows when. I guess around late 1920's by the clothes and hair. I have another packet to send off to the Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby. My great-grandmother was married the second time around to a man stationed at Camp Shelby during World War I. I just know this stuff has got to get settled soon. I cannot stand the mess spread out all over the floor.

Well, I am going to go stand and admire my new dye machine. It is so AWESOME! I have waited a long time to find one, and this one is in mint condition. Yeah! For yard sales and bargains! The American way to shop.


Jo said...

You are a woman after my own heart! I love that you got that roaster to dye yarn.

Jo said...

Tag you're it! Check out my blog.