Tuesday, February 1, 2011

47 Days Until Spring!

Well, unless you are living under a rock or in a cave somewhere other than the U.S., there is a massive storm moving through. This one is the BIG ONE! We are holding our breath, hoping there will be no power outages. Two years ago we had the BIG ONE, and I did not have power for six days! Some of my rural friends had it much worse.

I have fuel in my lanterns, and I can hunker down really well. I know the animals are very unhappy right now. Both went out for potty breaks, but both are on separate beds curled under blankets. The real secret is my hot water bottle. I can use the top burners of my stove, and I can heat up food and water. My hot water tank is gas, so I can use that. I will not have heat, since there is an electric thermostat/control on my gas furnace. Camping in the house!

I did check the trees, and they are coated with ice. There is one limb over my power line, and if that puts enough pressure on the power line, that's it.

The birds are frantic! They are squawking and scrabbling like it is serious to get food right now.

This past Saturday it was in the 60's and I was able to sit in the sun for long stretches of time. It was heavenly! And now just a memory!

CJE came over for a short time on Sunday to get away from her house for a while. We played with our "stuff" and went for a nice lunch. Then she had to return to reality and home to check on her mother-in-law that lives with them. AE was going to a meeting and she promised him to be home between 3:30 and 4 p.m. A short break from insanity.

I wonder where the term "weather the storm" comes from? I like to think I am doing that. I have food, shelter, and all the necessities. I filled the gas tank in my car just in case-of what, I don't know. I can't drive anywhere. Oh, I know it has something to do with the gas line freezing.

I just talked to my friend in Kansas. She works for Red Cross on blood drives. They actually sent them out to Independence last night. Of course, the community college that was going to sponsor the drive is closed. So she is holed up in a motel with a book and not much to do. The Red Cross is a business, just like any other business. Since they are not having the drive today, they are making them take PTO time. Isn't that crappy?! At least they get their motel rooms paid for.

Well, I am going to go hunker down and try to not look out the window so much. I keep watching the power line. I am getting to the end of my book, which is getting to the good part now. It is a complex book, and I have to go back and reread things. It is a good distraction. I also have my knitting. I am decreasing the gussets on the pink sock, and I am shaping the waist on the sweater.

I am also going to take a shower and wash my hair. I know that doesn't make sense. If the power goes off, I do not take showers when there is no heat. I spot wash. And my hair does not get washed without a shower.

Hunker down, get a warm spot, find a good book, get your knitting out, and weather the storm. I know I am there now.

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