Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sigh! Is It Over Yet?

I am not going to even do the usual griping about the weather. It doesn't change a thing. It is not fun, it is not going away, and it is not over yet. Today is the only day that will be above freezing, and the sun is out. A week ago I was enjoying the sun and sitting outside on the deck. I had the windows and the back door open. Today there is snow and more snow and some more snow. Yesterday was supposed to be a "light dusting, maybe up to an inch of accumulation". Well, it snowed all day and I got probably 3-4 inches of accumulation. Enough to cover up all the footpaths I had made so Patty could potty.

So take a deep breath. It is not over. Tomorrow there is some more and Wednesday looks like more.
I haven't done a whole lot of creative. I have been lying in bed with Patty and reading a lot. I have read two books this week. I have done a little bit of knitting. I have maybe an inch to go on the pink sock to start the toe decrease. I have been ploughing along on the sweater. I have maybe an inch to go of the waist shaping. I like to do the cables better than I do the lace. But it is all good. I finished the book on tape and one bobbin of the green sage wool and have almost finished the second bobbin. I downloaded a new book from NetLibrary yesterday so I can get that second bobbin finished.
I did pick up the crocheted afghan I am making for my nephew's wedding gift. I did get another color finished on that.
I did get a little bit antsy yesterday about maybe starting another project. I went on Ravelry and Knitty and looked at patterns. I got distracted and even went to Knit Circus. But then it became more of a lurking around at patterns. I lost interest. I am not into knitting right now. Which is okay. I got the quilt pieced and sent off to the quilter.
Poor Noodles is having to use the kitty litter. That is a serious situation. He will go outside for a little bit; then as soon as he slides through the cat door, he goes to the litter box. It is just an awful situation for him. I am trying to help by keeping it clean. He justs looks out the back door and scans for any place that may be safe to go to. Then he walks back to one of his window seats and sleeps for a while.
The birds have been frantic about feeding. I am feeding them 3 times a day now. The bullies are out. The big black birds and red-winged blackbirds are taking over. I will be glad when the snow is gone and they can go back to the fields.
So nothing is new. I have been house-bound and have not been out in the car. My road is still pretty treacherous. I think the main roads are cleared enough to drive, but getting there is not easy. If it continues to warm up today I may try to go to the grocery store. We will see.
Stay warm, stay safe and snuggle in wherever you may be. It is not over yet.

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